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David Mansilla, CEO and Founder
The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people live and work across the globe. One of the greatest challenges right now for all the companies is adapting to the new reality of the pandemic-hit world. The repercussions can be clearly seen in the talent acquisition arena. As more activities and tasks are being performed online than ever before, companies are struggling to adapt to the international hiring game and building an effective workplace culture in the digital world. This has left several companies scrambling to fill positions and a backlog of open jobs.

ISU Corp, a renowned software development company, understands such issues perfectly and delivers software solutions to simplify the rapidly changing world of business. Having experienced similar challenges firsthand, ISU Corp has been the developer and user of the software called HubLinked, created by them. It is a cloud-based digital office and client collaboration platform founded by the company's CEO, David Mansilla. A mobile-friendly platform offers an easy way for team members across the globe to connect, build relationships and share information, and access important files and documents related to a project.

At its core, ISU Corp is a software development company that is on a mission to deliver custom software solutions to companies of all sectors. "Our main goal is to help other businesses grow exponentially. We offer the latest in tech innovation to help automate business processes so that our clients can continue to scale to their maximum potential while staying at the edge of the ever-evolving tech landscape," states Mansilla.

ISU Corp also specializes in software architecture, development, project management, and software user interface design. They have a holistic team of experienced IT professionals that works round the clock to simplify the life of their customers. Their team comprises highly skilled systems architects, project managers, software developers, and graphic designers (UI-UX), wherein projects are staffed with their senior resources and other pre-qualified consultants and technical experts. Additionally, ISU Corp provides enterprise architecture, web application development, mobile app development, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) customization, and salesforce integration services.

ISU Corp always strives to be the best in what they do, however, they also refrain from a traditional sense of competition. They believe that every company has something to bring to the table, and they consider collaboration more than competition. The company aims to bring maximum value to the world, and part of reaching that goal implies building relationships with other companies to learn mutually and help push Canada's tech industry to the next level together.

"We have a team of brilliant minds ready to tackle any problems our clients may be facing, from enterprise architecture and salesforce integration to web and mobile app development," states Mansilla.

ISU Corp's main focus is on their clients, and they go the extra mile to ensure clients' satisfaction with work and enhance clients' Return on Investment (ROI). Their highly optimized agile scrum methodology allows them to provide project delivery by up to 25% faster. The agile methodology approach ensures that they can review the business requirements on a weekly basis to better meet a company's goals and expectations. Such unique factors contribute to differentiating ISU Corp from other custom solution providers in the market.

ISU Corp's role in developing custom software solutions for the betterment of different industries is evident from the customer testimonials. For instance, CR Plastics was attempting to go from being an only wholesale website to integrating more customer engagement through dealers. After various failed attempts to realize this vision using pre-existing e-Commerce platforms, they approached ISU Corp for a suitable solution. They faced various challenges, the biggest one being interacting with an aging ERP system that they could not replace. CR Plastics was trying to avoid duplicating everything already created, which the e-commerce giants would have done. Instead, ISU was able to create a custom e-commerce software solution that allows the developers at CR Plastics to connect the pre-existing ERP site to the new e-commerce site. The ISU and CR Plastics teams worked together to discover a solution to retrieve correct information out of the ERP and efficiently reconstruct a system that can be completely integrated into e-commerce.

Our main goal is to help other businesses grow exponentially. We offer the latest in tech innovation to help automate business processes so that our clients can continue to scale to their maximum potential while staying at the edge of the ever evolving tech landscape

With such proven success stories, Mansilla has brilliantly led his team in the successful completion of several multi-million-dollar software projects for a wide range of companies including GE Energy, Heinz, Bell Canada, Sun Life, Manulife, M.O.S.T and the University of Waterloo.

For the future, ISU Corp is looking forward to offering a new software platform called the ISU Core. Users can develop their own custom software using ISU Core without having to work from the ground up in its development. With their all-in-one platform, businesses will save time and money while also clearing the path for exponential growth, thanks to the easy maintenance and seamless expansion. The ISU Core was built specifically for creating consistent and harmonious advancement to an application while also ensuring simple and thorough maintenance that is stress-free. "Knowing the importance of time sensitivity, we created the ISU Core to aid in building efficient application solutions. It also helps in perfecting the process of creating custom solutions and to share our industry leading solution with your businesses," concludes Mansilla.

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David Mansilla, CEO and Founder

ISU Corp is a high-tech company specializing in custom enterprise software development and consulting, with a wide array of technologies at its disposal.

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