Jombone: Propelling Live Marketplace with Enterprise Class Human Capital Technology

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Sumit Sahdev, Co-Founder and CEO
The blue-collar and temporary staffing industry is still operating on an antiquated markup-based model wherein the hiring agencies charge a very high markup fee to help businesses find the right workers and manage them. Torontobased staffing solution provider, Jombone, is assisting the industry in breaking away from the status quo by bringing in more cost disruption, HR (employment and labor) compliance and full automation of the business processes.

Jombone is a Canadian business and employment-oriented service that combines unique business model and human capital technology tailored to blue-collar staffing industry.

Many employers hire blue-collar workers on a temporary basis either to serve for a shorter period or keep them as part of their contingency plan. Hence, blue-collar staffing is a frequent cycle for many businesses. But since there is no democratized approach to hiring blue-collar workers, like dedicated job sites or LinkedIn, used for white-collar jobs, employers end up spending significant amounts on service providers dedicated to blue-collar recruitment and staffing. The blue-collar workforce, which comprises more than 65 percent of the U.S. and Canada’s working population, needs standardization, and this is precisely what Jombone brings to the table.

Jombone is reinventing the wheel with its SaaS-enabled marketplace based staffing and human capital management (HCM) platform, tailored to meet temporary, contingent, and ondemand blue-collar workforce requirements. The platform build networking pools of pre-vetted, employment-ready workers, eliminating the need for third-party staffing service providers and the high costs associated with it. Jombone provides 100 percent digitalization and fulfills the end-to-end staffing process automation using its web and mobile apps-based platform

To that end, the platform is also a step up from traditional resume-based candidate selection methods. It uses an authentic human connection, with features like ‘Profile Reels’ to help employers hire reliable candidates more efficiently.
Jombone’s integration with Google Maps platform, instant messaging, audiovideo communications platform, ERPs and payment systems has further made the staffing fulfilment process completely seamless, error free, fast and cost-effective.

Equally commendable is Jombone’s competency in HR administration operations, such as labor laws compliance, shifts scheduling, workers training, tasks management, facial recognition-based time entry, automatic rules-based online timesheet approvals, payroll processing, payment disbursements, and operational and financial reporting, via a cloud-based platform.

“Our platform aims to democratize the whole staffing industry, making it very cost-effective for our clients to efficiently hire and manage their workforce,” says Sumit Sahdev, co-founder and CEO of Jombone.

Our platform aims to democratize the whole staffing industry, making it very cost-effective for our clients to efficiently hire and manage their workforce

His statement is reflected in a recent instance where a North American manufacturing company sought Jombone’s help to hire 200 workers in just two days. Jombone leveraged its unique “Community Recruitment” model, to quickly and efficiently build networks of people in local communities. By tapping into this community of recruiters set up in the Jombone system, the manufacturing firm was able to source more than 200 people in two days, and did so at a 60 percent lower cost.

Such success stories are a testament to Jombone’s seamless staffing and HCM solution. The company is on an optimum growth track, and recently received investments from well-known venture capital firms to expand into other markets.


Toronto, CA

Sumit Sahdev, Co-Founder and CEO

Jombone is a SaaS-based staffing & human capital management platform tailored to temporary, contingent and on-demand workforce in the industrial sector