Palomino: Cloud Versatility Materialized

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Markus Latzel, President and CEO
Organizations and industries alike are rapidly adapting to digitalization with a straightforward desire: any and all forms of data/knowledge/information must be made available at the fingertips.To achieve this, organizations need to find an adept partner who will help them to get the cloud infrastructure to behave in a desired, flexible, scalable manner, as per the business requirements.Several of these organizations have found such a partner in Palomino, a company that has demonstrably helped businesses realize the versatility of the cloud. With over two decades of experience in providing content and knowledge management as well as managed services solutions to mid-size and large growing organizations, Palomino has developed its own proprietary platform,WebPal Cloud Server, that breeds business intelligence, automation and digitalization.

“We built our WebPal Cloud Server, a content and knowledge management platform, and gradually offered solutions around it.Today, apart from addressing content management and knowledge needs of our clients, we are offering data warehousing and management, business intelligence, data flow automation, and managed cloud services,” says Markus Latzel, President and CEO of Palomino.These solutions provide end-to-end services to medium-sized and high-growth organizations in the Canadian and North American market space.

Adaptability is another important aspect that Palomino provisions through its solutions.The company applies agile software development methodology to the managed solutions such that the client is able to modify and adjust the system per their evolution of needsAs the organizations evolve, newer data sources are added, which then need to be integrated with the larger system.The platform’s architecture brings together multiple pieces of the desired larger ecosystem to build new applications; it could also solve newer problems by utilizing pre-existing code or methodologies.

Especially for the rapidly growing organizations, Palomino has ensured a higher degree of ease inconducting business alongside the addition of new data sources.Take the example of Neighbourly Pharmacy, a multi-store retail chain of pharmacies across Canadathat currently operates 150 stores.
Neighbourly'scontinuous acquisition of stores brought forth the challenge of data integration from disparate data feeds and sources.The pace of acquisition required a faster turnaround of digitalization, which not many vendors could provide. Thus, early on in their growth, WebPal managed services became the go-to solution for Neighbourly’s data warehousing and business process digitization.Right from hosting the data to building a data warehouse that accommodates various data feeds necessary to maintain given their acquisition strategy, Palomino provided the necessary tools to analyze data for their growth strategy.Result?The partnership has been ongoing to date, and Neighbourly continues to grow consistently with a resilient cloud-based infrastructure.

Today, apart from addressing content management and knowledge needs of our clients, we are offering data warehousing and management, business intelligence, data flow automation, and managed cloud services

With a scalable platform and three data centers in Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal, Palomino offers state-of-the-art cloud services that are easier on the pocket when compared to the market competition.The tight integration between the WebPal Cloud platform and the infrastructure becomes a key enabler for the delivery of services in a timely fashion.For growth-focused organizations, making the most of the digitalization effort should be the prime focus, and Palomino understands this very well.Hence, the company’s solutions are customized for every client, helping them aggregate all the relevant content and knowledge in one place and allowing the clients to collaborate with their internal users, partners, vendors and other stakeholders seamlessly.


Toronto, Canada

Markus Latzel, President and CEO

The company providesWebPal Cloud Server platform, business intelligence, automation and digitization solutions, helping clients realise the true versatility of cloud infrastructures.