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Al Romeyn, CEO and Founding Partner
The gap between high-end and entry-level business management solutions, in terms of their affordability, is incredibly wide. Products offered by enterprises such as Sage, SAP, and Salesforce often far exceed the price of the more economical alternatives for small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

Industry leaders such as Al Romeyn, CEO of Spire Systems—a Langley-based business management solutions provider—have reiterated the fact that there used to be several mid-range products catering to the needs of SMBs cost-effectively to tackle this issue. For instance, companies initially providing mid-range solutions discontinued offering those systems and focused on creating higher-end products and enhancing their lower-end ones. Businesses dependent on such products were left in the dark. To help SMBs that wish to expand and grow their business, Spire Systems offers the most innovative and experience-packed accounting, sales management, and inventory control solutions that circumvent business management complications with ease. It offers the market the Spire software: a comprehensive solution that empowers users to gain better insight and maximize their business potential at extremely reasonable costs.

Drawing from their vast experience, Romeyn and his team help clients understand that managing their accounting operations with the right tools brings to light valuable information in any workflow. Thus, the Spire software features an entirely configurable search engine that allows users to set their own custom filters to pull up comprehensive reports on aspects such as sales history within a few clicks. Updated with enterprise-wide information in real-time, Spire tracks all transactions of day-to-day processes as and when they occur. Moreover, the software’s credit checking system is always at play, ensuring that customers can only place orders within user-defined rules. Clients can automate a series of accounting tasks like requisitions that are later mapped to Excel or presented through detailed reports. Spire promises increased productivity levels, customer satisfaction, and improved profitability.

Spire Systems’ core offering makes users privy to key performance indicators that highlight where improvements can be made and how the business can disrupt the market. It is important to note that Spire Systems dedicated a significant amount of time developing REST APIs to deliver seamless integrations with various third-party software. The company has written several add-ons for Spire to effectuate the same. Consequently, it currently supports Avalara’s AvaTax product among a host of other CRM and electronic data interchange (EDI) software as well.

Spire Systems’ team, consisting of industry veterans with over four decades of experience, has studied business management as it evolved over the years, supporting and selling accounting software since 1989. Its experience in solving varied business management challenges led to the development of Spire. As a result, the solution now streamlines more processes than the regular, everyday normal business management system. Interestingly, the business management capabilities of the product are particularly impressive in its BusinessVision data conversion ever since Sage decided to discontinue it with no future updates as well. Businesses today are looking for better inventory control processes, multi-warehouse management, and multi-location accounting. They need to be able to carry out departmentalized accounting or divisional accounting as well.

Spire Systems’ core offering makes users privy to key performance indicators that highlight where improvements can be made and how the business can disrupt the market.

With such strong capabilities and showcasing many more core functionalities, Spire Systems is addressing the needs of the SMB market, making it the go-to solutions provider today. The company excels at improving wholesale distribution, manufacturing, and lot tracking tracking operations for multiple industries, and intends to add more features to its software—available also as a web platform on various devices. Spire Systems has cherished eight prosperous years as a company and has a commendable following of third-party products. When an organization is looking for a business management solution, the goal for Romeyn and his team is to have Spire as the first name that comes to mind.

Spire Systems

Langley, Canada

Al Romeyn, CEO and Founding Partner

Spire Systems Inc. is an innovative developer of business management software for small and mid-sized businesses.

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