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John Menezes, President and CEO
Cyber and ransomware attacks are major threats to small, medium and large enterprises that is cause for concern among the C suite and IT executives.One prominent example is the recent ransomware attack that took down Colonial Pipeline. Dark Side, a cybercriminal hacking group based in Eastern Europe, is believed to be behind the attack. The hack was deemed a national security threat, resulting in the shutdown of the entire pipeline, affecting consumers and airlines along the East Coast. Colonial Pipeline was forced to pay 75 BTC or $4.4M USD to recover their data and restart the system.

Many cyber attacks are successful because of outdated security practices and the absence of maintaining robust and integrated security controls. Many organizations have deployed a plethora of security tools that are difficult to operationalize, optimize and create added complexity. Eventually, they end up having numerous siloed tools, which lack integration and effective communication. Apart from this, there is a shortage of cybersecurity personnel who are capable of effectively managing these tools and help to guide organizations about the best security practices to protect themselves from hacks.

While senior leaders look for ways to mitigate cyber risk, Stratejm has emerged as the perfect cybersecurity partner offering an end to end security platform that helps enterprises solve security problems while bending the cost curve.

Stratejm is a Next Generation Managed Security Services Provider (NGMSSP) dedicated to assisting private and public sector organizations to protect their IT and OT systems, end users and data through onboarding its state of the art Security as a Service (SECaaS) and enhanced Managed Detection & Response (e-MDR). The company also provides security management consulting, enterprise security assessments, and cloud risk assessment.

Stratejm has developed North America’s premier cloud based SECaaS. SECaaS, provides the enterprise with a comprehensive, holistic, and scalable solution for managing security, performance, and compliance from IoT to the Cloud delivered through a single pane of glass view. The best part of Stratejm’s SECaaS is that it reduces complexity and accelerates threat detection while providing greater control and visibility over the security and functionality of clients’ networks. “Our platform can collect and process clients’ security information and events from day one. We make sure that time to value’ is maximized and the capital obligations associated with continually purchasing new preventative security technology is minimized,” explains John Menezes, president and CEO of Stratejm.

With Stratejm’s cybersecurity platform, organizations can effectively and efficiently solve the “Security Challenge.” Stratejm addresses these issues by making the entire cybersecurity platform cloud enabled. This takes the burden of setting up an on premise high powered computer and integrating multiple tools into a single solution. “By implementing our cloud based solutions, enterprises no longer have to buy different modules for their security program, because all necessary tools are integrated into a single unit” states Menezes.Stratejm’s SECaaS is loaded with tools, outputs, functions and features that are foundational to any mature cybersecurity program.

By implementing our cloud based solutions, enterprises no longer have to buy different modules for their security program, because all necessary tools are integrated into one location

This includes Security Information & Event Management (SIEM), Configuration Management Database (CMDB), 24/7 Cyber Intelligence Center and Enhanced Vulnerability Management. The platform is also integrated with a full range of network performance monitoring and reporting features.

The company firmly believes that every customer is unique in the way they manage their users, the tools, and applications. As a part of the client engagement process, the team at Stratejm analyzes the clients’ environment, understands their requirement, and then tailors the tools to accommodate the unique aspects of their business into an overall cybersecurity program.

Earlier, organizations were hesitant to shift to cloud technology, as they thought it was insecure, and adding security tools was deemed redundant. However, Stratejm’s founders believed that cloud technology was the future and persistently stuck to developing a successful online tool, which eventually managed to turn people’s opinions in their favor. Stratejm had no legacy way of doing things but built its own path, which other security tool developers are now incorporating. This approach of creating a niche in the market is what differentiates Stratejm from its counterparts in the cybersecurity market.

With such unique offerings, Stratejm has ignited several success stories since its genesis. For instance, a large enterprise with more than 20,000 employees operating in 27 different countries was struggling to adopt a cybersecurity program that could accommodate all its users, irrespective of their location. The company approached Stratejm to develop a tailored solution that could be implemented globally. Stratejm was able to implement its SECaaS solution within three months of signing the contract, which proved that their solution was not limited by location or capacity.

Currently, Stratejm has its operations spread across North America and is extending its support to customers globally. For the future, the company plans to expand aggressively into the U.S. and Asia Pacific markets and recruit more talent. “We think by scaling up our business model in the coming years, we can grow three folds in terms of both revenue and workforce,” concludes Menezes.


Ontario, CA

John Menezes, President and CEO

Stratejm is a next generation managed security services provider dedicated to assisting private and public sector organizations to protect critical infrastructure and data through state of the art technology and consulting services.