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Paul Pabla, President & CEO
In today’s increasingly digital world, it is imperative for businesses to modernize their operations. Realizing this, organizations often collaborate with various delivery partners to successfully transform their legacy workflows and processes. However, many organizations falter when it comes to delivering successful project outcomes. A recent Gartner study indicates that most projects fail because of a lack of understanding of the client’s needs, an inability to engage the appropriate project resources and manage the resulting change.

Toronto-based ThoughtStorm is addressing these problems by understanding their client needs upfront, deploying the right resources and managing the resulting change successfully. The company is committed to addressing clients’ needs with a holistic approach that involves gaining a deep understanding of their business processes and technology ecosystem.

ThoughtStorm was founded in 2012 with the goal to enhance the solutions delivery space by catering to a wider variety of clients and industries. The company leverages modern technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, blockchain and cloud computing through established software partners to deliver leading-edge solutions. ThoughtStorm also provides consulting services for business strategy, IT strategy and transformation, cost reduction, program/portfolio management, governance, risk and compliance.

ThoughtStorm’s extensive record of successfully delivering complex multi-stakeholder solutions in the public sector has positioned it as an able partner for enterprises in other industry verticals. The company is working with federal and state/provincial governments to mitigate public pressure to provide efficient and convenient access to services. Public sector organizations are upgrading ailing and outdated infrastructure, processes and systems by partnering with ThoughtStorm. “We know how the public sector operates and what their challenges are. This understanding is the key to delivering large transformational initiatives successfully across multiple industry verticals,” says Paul Pabla, CEO of ThoughtStorm.

ThoughtStorm employs local resources that are better suited to solve a particular issue rather than outsourcing it.“Our model is not to get a project and outsource it to somewhere else in the world. We are focused on the client, first and foremost.
We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and challenges and then collaborate to implement solutions that are unique to them. We deploy resources that understand our clients and know how the local market works,” states Pabla.

With proven capabilities and customer-centric services, ThoughtStorm has various success stories since its inception. In one instance, the company helped a client with their cloud transformation by understanding their needs and challenges. The client was facing critical storage and integration issues. After screening various delivery partners, the client selected ThoughtStorm to solve their issues. ThoughtStorm empowered the client in their transformation by providing full-stack cloud services, from pragmatic strategy development, to value-based execution, to stabilization and optimization. Subsequently, the client modernized their applications by creating secure, scalable and cost-effective enterprise cloud infrastructure. ThoughtStorm helped the client in its smooth transition to cloud-native architecture and agile software development practices to improve organizational agility.

We Are Focussed On The Client, First And Foremost. We Take The Time To Understand Our Clients’ Needs And Challenges And Then Collaborate To Implement Solutions That Are Unique To Them

ThoughtStorm is also using its expertise and capabilities to assist healthcare organizations in implementing modern healthcare systems and solutions that will improve the overall care outcomes at affordable costs. ThoughtStorm plans to continue expanding consulting & delivery practices to other industry verticals and adding amazing talent to their growing team.

Determined to meet client needs in a holistic, customized and comprehensive manner, ThoughtStorm is poised to transform the consulting and solutions delivery space one client at a time.


Toronto, Canada

Paul Pabla, President & CEO

ThoughtStorm provides consulting, solutions and technology services to large and small organizations operating in various industries.